The Good Human Project connects young people to their communities by providing strength-based development encounters.  Our programmes and social action projects enhance young people’s sense of identity, resilience and leadership, supporting them to be the best version of themselves.

We work alongside young people to support them to identify and better understand their potential, purpose and the unique contribution they bring to the world.  Our work connects young people to their wellbeing, their communities, and the environment.


We nurture leadership and support young people to become great leaders who are prepared and passionate to make a difference in society.


We connect with schools, families and communities to develop strategies to meet the evolving needs of young people so that they become active community members as they navigate their way towards global citizenship.

We support young people who are experiencing challenges to create functional and effective learning and relational skills.



  • Student Wellbeing

  • Youth Leadership Programmes

  • Leadership Coaching 

  • Career Coaching

  • Youth Development

  • Personality Style Profiling

  • Behavioural and Resiliency Support

  • Work Readiness

  • Work Placement

The Good Human Project

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